Unifor ACL Bulletin RE COVID-19
March 26, 2020
Unifor Local 506 Bulletin
April 16, 2020

Good afternoon,

Unifor ACL’s main objective remains that Bell provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our members. Last week, the Company implemented a new model of installation for technicians which allows that members resolve most installation and repair jobs from the outside of a customer’s home.

The company’s position is that there may be situations where a technician will need to enter the customer’s premises to complete the work.

Considering all governmental advisories and warnings from public health officials, it is Unifor ACL’s recommendation that no one should enter a customer’s home. Inside the cover of our Collective Agreement are these words; “No job is so important and no service so urgent, that we cannot take time to perform our work safely”.

The Canada Labour code as well as our Collective Agreement clearly allow that if a member feels they are being put in a position where they are being asked to perform work, they believe to be unhealthy or unsafe; they can refuse.

If a technician should be put in the position of having to enter a customer’s premise, this will only be done on a voluntary basis. It is also important to remember that it is up to your manager to train you on the proper use and disposal of any company provided PPE, such as masks and gloves.

If an attempt is made by a tech to complete a work order or a repair ticket and an issue has been identified and discussed with a supervisor, Unifor will fully support members who refuse to enter a home.

Should a member feel pressured into entering a customer’s home please contact your Union Shop Steward immediately.

In solidarity, Susan, Faith, Jeff, Stéphane, Lee, Bobby, Sandy, Cullen & National Rep Roch.