Young Worker’s Committee Members:

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Hello Brothers & Sisters!

This message is regarding the importance of Young Workers within our local.

Young Workers are defined as our fellow Brothers and Sisters who are in the age category of 35 years old and under.

The Executive of Local 506 is committed to the establishment of a provincial Young Workers Committee in 2008.  The mentoring and growth of Young Worker’s must be a priority to keep trade union activism alive and well. We want Young Worker’s to come forward and voice YOUR issues! Tell us YOUR NEEDS, YOUR VIEWS!

Overwhelmingly we have heard from Young Worker’s regarding issues such as CHILD CARE or FAMILY DAYS, along with DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PENSION benefits versus the DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION.

If you are a Young Worker reading this message and you feel you may be interested in becoming part of this committee meant for YOU, please contact your local Regional Chairperson.

This is YOUR opportunity to help make a difference for your fellow Young Worker’s by having a STRONG VOICE in YOUR union!

In Solidarity,
The Executive of Local 506