Day of Mourning April 28th
April 11, 2016
Saint John Union Meeting – April 14th
March 26, 2015

Hello Sisters & Brothers, today’s message is an important one regarding benefit changes.  A few months ago, it was brought to our attention by a fellow Brother that when a child returned to university, they could not get coverage under Blue Cross due to the fact it was not considered a life event.

Due to the diligence of this member, this has now been changed.  If you have a child attending university in fall, it is now considered a life event and they will be eligible for coverage.  It is very important that you notify benefits within 30 days of the change in order for this to be valid.

Unfortunately, Industrial Relations has been advised by the benefits team that they see no need to put this on Connexion.  We expressed concern as not everyone would call in to check on this given the history has been a child returning to school was not a life event, and that misinformation would continue which would be unfair.

However, the Bargaining Unit will receive this message as well as it has been discussed at the monthly union meetings, so our members will be informed.

In Solidarity, The Executive of Local 506