UACL Bulletin 2018 # 4
January 17, 2019
Pink Shirt Day – February 27, 2019
February 21, 2019

Dear Members, Unifor Local 506 President, Sandy Brideau, and Secretary Treasurer, Carlos Vicente, are inviting you to participate in a conference call to vote on our 2019 Budget. This meeting will be held in multiple cities across New Brunswick on Wednesday February 20th at 5:30 pm.

Meeting Details:

• We will be having a single province wide conference call, in multiple locations, commencing at 6 pm, with food and beverages being provided at 5:30 pm in each location.

• Voting will remain secret, the vote counting and tallying shall be done in each meeting location by the lead and relayed privately.

• The presentation of the Budget will start at 6 pm, will be presided by the Secretary Treasurer, and will last no longer than 30 minutes.

In Solidarity, Your Unifor Local 506 Executive

Budget 2019 Meeting Locations (February 20th @ 5:30 pm):

Region 1 Saint John – Union Office, 1655 Manawagonish Rd
Region 2 Moncton – Tower Meeting Room, 2nd Floor 22 Botsford Street
Region 3 Fredericton – Ramada Hotel, 480 Riverside Drive in the Majestic Room
Region 3 Woodstock – Woodstock CO, 10 Chapel Street
Region 4 Bathurst – Bathurst CO, 270 King Avenue
Region 4 Tracadie – Tracadie CO, 476 Riviere à la Truite
Region 4 Campbellton – Campbellton CO, 13 Andrew Street
Region 4 Edmundston – Edmundston CO, 32 St-Francois
Region 4 Grand Falls – Grand Falls CO, 19 Despres Road

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