Unifor National and Local 506 Bursary & Scholarships

2023 Provincial Budget Meeting
March 21, 2023
Uniforum 506 Newsletter – March 2023 Edition
March 31, 2023

The following scholarships and bursaries are available to the children of Unifor Local 506 members.

Sponsored by Unifor Local 506:

  • Women in Leadership Bursary
  • Day of Remembrance Scholarship
  • Truth & Reconciliation Scholarship

Women in Leadership Bursary Application Form

Day of Remembrance Scholarship Application Form

Truth & Reconciliation Scholarship Application Form

Bourse d’études Jour du Souvenir

Bourse d’études Vérité et Réconciliation

Bourse d’études Helen E. Allain

Sponsored by Unifor National Office:

Applications for Unifor National scholarships must be submitted online.  The submission links are open in late March 2023.

Unifor recognizes that the costs associated with post-secondary education is a challenge for many working-class families.  To assist in making education more accessible, Unifor has established 28 scholarships of $2,000.00 each.  Five of these scholarships are administered by the Quebec Council with a separate application form (see www.uniforquebec.org).  Residents of Quebec must apply using that application process.

The scholarships are awarded to children of Unifor members in good standing.  Students must be entering their first year of full-time post-secondary education (university, community college, technological institute, trade school, etc.) in a public Canadian institution.  One of these scholarships will also be available to a Unifor member with at least one year seniority.  These are entrance Scholarships only and are not renewable for students entering subsequent years of study.

Online Registration Process

Detailed information about eligibility and how to apply for a scholarship can be found in the following document:  application_description_and_instructions-eng_2

In order for your application to be complete, you must have the following document signed by a Local Union Officer and ready for upload with your application documents:  Local Signature Form


The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for one of our 23 Scholarships.

  1. You are a son/daughter of a Unifor member in good standing OR you are a Unifor member.
  2. You are enrolling in your FIRST YEAR of full-time post-secondary education at a PUBLIC INSTITUTION IN CANADA (university, community college, technological institute, nursing school etc.)
  3. If you are applying for a scholarship as a child of a Unifor member, you  must provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal or community activist.
  4. If you are applying  for a scholarship as a Unifor member, your letter of reference can also be from a Unifor or other Labour Education Discussion Leader, Local Union Committee Chair, District Labour Council, or a member of your Local Union Executive.
  5. If you are applying for a scholarship as a child of a Unifor member, you must include your most current transcript/record of marks.
  6. Your application must be submitted using the online application form no later than June 30th.

Using the Online Application

Your application must be submitted using the online application form NO LATER THAN June 30th.

All applicants will be notified by email after (to be posted) of the disposition of their application.

Click on the appropriate link below to complete your online application.  Please ensure that you have read the instructions carefully, and have the following documents ready on your device for upload with your application:

  1. Letter of recommendation as described above
  2. A copy of your current transcript/record of marks (children of Unifor members only)
  3. A document containing your answers to the four questions listed below
  4. A signed copy of the Local Union Officer form certifying your eligibility for a scholarship

Please follow the instructions below carefully. You are required to submit answers to the following

  • Question 1 or 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4
  • Question 5

QUESTION 1 or 2 (200 to 300 WORDS MAXIMUM)
Please answer this question after you have explored the issue by speaking with a Unifor family member or any other Unifor member you know in your community. You may also use other resources to answer the question, for example, newspaper articles and internet resources, including Unifor’s
website and the Canadian Labour Congress website.

Unifor believes in “social unionism”. Social unionism means that although our union is rooted in the workplace, we understand the importance of participating in and influencing the general direction of society. We therefore strive to not only improve the lives of our members and their families, but also the lives of all Canadians and the communities in which they live. We also strive to build relationships with organizations assisting working people and their communities around the world

You must indicate which of the following (Question 1 or 2) you will be answering:

QUESTION 1 In which specific way do you think Unifor has had a positive impact on workers and their communities?

QUESTION 2How are unions relevant to you (or not) in your life and in your community? Please provide specific examples.

Please answer questions 3, 4, and 5

In keeping within the principles of social unionism, Unifor has named each of its scholarships after individuals who were active in promoting social justice.
After reviewing the individual biographies found below, who do you find particularly inspiring and why?

How will a career in your chosen field of study enable you to contribute to society and how will this enhance the lives of others?

In what way have you demonstrated a commitment to improving your community, (or other communities), in Canada and/or around the world? Please note – this is IN ADDITION to any hours of community service that may be required, in your provincial or territorial jurisdiction, necessary to
graduate high school.

Please note that any partially completed applications, or applications missing any of the required documents, will result in an error message, and cannot be submitted.  Please ensure you have all documents available before submitting.

Click here to apply as the child of a Unifor member.

Click here to apply as a Unifor member.

Questions?  Email scholarships@unifor.org 

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