Unifor Local 506 Bulletin
April 16, 2020
Take Action – Labour Ministers must step up their responsibilities during COVID-19
April 27, 2020

Hello sisters, brothers, and comrades,

I just wanted to send along an update as the women’s advocate for local 506.  In these times of uncertainty, we can all get more than a little drained.  It is important to take time for self-care.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with balancing work, family, and the struggle to remain safe, know that you are not alone.  There are resources out there, in the community and through the company.  If you are struggling with domestic violence, ending an unhealthy relationship, sexual harassment or violence, addiction, a mental health crisis, or any difficult situation in your personal or professional life, you can always contact me.  I am not a counsellor, but I can find the community resources and an ear to listen when you need it.  Anything said to me as women’s advocate is 100% confidential.  No reports are filed and no personal information is ever shared.

We have some really good resources at our disposal through Bell.  We have our Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) through Morneau Shepell. EFAP provides professional, confidential support services free of charge including in-person, telephone, video and online counselling services on a short-term basis. If you need longer-term care, EFAP counsellors can help you find a specialist or service provider in your community.

Bell has also extended the use of the EQCare program to the unionized employees until December 2021.  This platform allows you to meet online or by phone with a medical professional who can diagnose and prescribe things similar to your family doctor or a clinic.  They send the prescription directly to the pharmacy for you to go pick up.  They can also refer you to specialists, therapists and other medical service providers etc. 

The links to these services are on Bellnet near the bottom of the COVID19 page http://bellnet.int.bell.ca/corporate-services/coronavirus-2019-covid-19

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help accessing these or community resources.


Erin Howell Sharpe (She/her/elle)

Women’s Advocate Local 506

506 647 8882