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October 8, 2015
Local 506 Election Announcement
September 8, 2015

Unifor ACL – CIF Update


The Common Interest Forum (CIF) met on September 1-3 in St. John’s NL.


David Gates – Chairperson Unifor ACL/President Local 2289 NS

Bobby MacDonald – Vice – Chairperson Unifor ACL/President Local 401 PEI

Steve Howlett – President Unifor 410 NL

Sandy Brideau – President Unifor 506 NB

Joyclin Coates -Treasurer Unifor ACL

Susan Rice – Recording Secretary Unifor ACL

Rick Rose – Unifor National Representative

Helena Cain – VP Customer Care

Dale Grimes – VP Regional Services

Geoff Moore – Director Network

Dana Mackenzie – Senior Consultant Labour Relations

Reno Vaillancourt – VP Labour Relations & HR Customer Experience (BCE Inc.)

Jennifer Palov – Director HR

Barney Dobbin – Regional Director, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services



Job Evaluation

The six classifications CSSR I & II, Translations, Printer, Help Desk & Data Operators that were selected for this process by joint decision, are still be evaluated and a final decision on this process is expected in the coming months. The Council and company also had a discussion regarding what a future process would entail, as Bell currently uses the Haye method for job evaluation.


Bell Omni Flex

CIF received a presentation on the Bell Omni Flex Benefits plan. The Council will be conducting a comparison of our current Blue Cross Flex plan to the Bell Omni Flex plan to confirm that the new Bell benefits plan adheres to Article 28 of the CA. At this time, there is no agreement to move union members to the new Bell benefits plan. There will be further discussions on this item at future CIF meetings.



Three classifications are to be used as a starting point (Implementation Co- coordinator, CSR and Network Rep II) for review of current SELQ requirements and possible recommendations for other classifications in the future.


Respectful Workplace Process

The company expressed interest in the joint training program provided by Unifor National. The company will consider applying this process to a test case in a future respectful workplace incident.


Community/Combo Tech Committee

Four positions to be posted for Northern NB (Shippagan, Edmunston, Campbelleton, and Petit-Rocher). The Committee will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss future requests and requirements.


Committee Structure Committee

The company and union committees such as BAJC and provincial JC are being evaluated for responsibilities and efficiency. A committee update will be given at the next CIF meeting in December.


Stand-By Language

It was discussed and the company agreed to look at proposed language and further discussion will take place at the next CIF meeting in December.



Bell’s storm policy was presented to the CIF committee. The policy will be reviewed by the company and the Council.


Bell Merit Program

The various levels of the Bell Merit program were discussed. Council will be sending out a further update in the coming weeks on this item, regarding bargaining member’s participation in the Bell Merit program.



The company has agreed to send a Labour Relations Advisory notice to all management informing them of the proper process and notification.


There was a lengthy discussion between the company and Council regarding the recent media release that was sent out by the Council. Both parties expressed their positions and it was decided that the collaborative approach of CIF is a worthwhile method of negotiation to continue.


The next CIF meeting will be held December 1-3 in Halifax N.S


In Solidarity

David Gates             Steve Howlett                     Joyclin Coates

Susan Rice              Bobby MacDonald              Sandy Brideau


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