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August 20, 2015
Scholarship & Bursary Winners 2015
July 16, 2015

The Common Interest Forum (CIF) met from July 7-9 in Charlottetown PEI. As there are several new people attending CIF meetings, below is a list of the current committee:

David Gates, Chairperson Unifor ACL/President Local 2289 NS

Bobby MacDonald, Vice-Chairperson Unifor ACL/President Local 401 PEI

Steve Howlett- President Unifor 410 NL

Sandy Brideau- President Unifor 506 NB

Joyclin Coates -Treasurer Unifor ACL

Susan Rice- Recording Secretary Unifor ACL

Rick Rose- Unifor National Representative

Helena Cain -VP Customer Care

Dale Grimes- VP Regional Services

Geoff Moore -Director Network

Dana Mackenzie -Senior Consultant Labour Relations

Reno Vaillancourt -VP Labour Relations & HR Customer Experience (BCE Inc)

Jennifer Palov -Director HR

Barney Dobbin- Regional Director, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services

Job Evaluation  

The job evaluation subcommittee met on Monday July 6. The members of the committee are Steve Howlett, Joyclin Coates, Geoff Moore, and Dana Mackenzie. The classifications currently being reviewed are: Printer, Help Desk, CSSR 1& 11, Data Operators, and Network Reps (translations only). A review of the initial analysis was completed. The committee agreed that there is still more to be done. The committee will continue to meet until all 6 classifications have been reviewed and recommendations are complete.

Bell Omni Flex 

In June the company notified its members of a change in the Benefits Provider.

Unionized members will continue under the current Bell Aliant Flex Plan and its re-enrollment period has been changed to January 1, 2016, there will be a presentation by Bell regarding the Bell Omni Flex plan with more details at the September CIF meeting.


The company and the council understand that the current SELQ’s need to be reviewed. A subcommittee was put in place to start the review process. The members are David Gates, Dana Mackenzie, Geoff Moore, Joyclin Coates, and Steve Howlett.

The committee will begin the process and an update will be given at the next CIF meeting in September.

Respectful Workplace Process 

The company and the council received a presentation from Unifor National Coordinator Susan Houston on the Joint Process of Building a Respectful Workplace. The company and the council are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment, bullying, and violence. The company expressed great interest in the joint training program provided by Unifor National. Dana will provide a further update on the direction the company will take. 

Article 30a Language

The council requested guidelines around the posting of jobs for pool techs from HR. Pool techs to be given consideration when applying for RO jobs as per HR.

Article 7- Committee Make-up

The council and company reviewed the makeup of the current committees.

The main purpose of the discussion was to make sure the committees in place are making effective decisions and are efficient. A sub committee was formed to review the structure and all recommendations will be presented at CIF.

The next CIF meeting will be held September 1-3,2015 in St. John’s NL

In Solidarity

David Gates                       Steve Howlett                   Joyclin Coates

Susan Rice                          Bobby MacDonald            Sandy Brideau