Labour’s Issues During the Election Campaign

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NBFL calls on all Political Parties to address Labour’s issues during the Election Campaign 

For Immediate Release August 25, 2014

(Moncton) The New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) calls on all political parties to address Labour’s issues during the campaign leading up to the provincial election on September 22.

Labour’s issues are about creating better economic and social justice for workers, for our families and for our communities:

First Contract Legislation:


In Canada, only New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Alberta do not have legislation providing for binding arbitration of a first collective agreement. We need to restore the balance between employers and employees.

Public Services: 

Our public services are the tools we have collectively given ourselves to achieve a fair, equitable, safe and prosperous society. Quality public services are what make our province, our communities and our families safe, they bring social equality by ensuring everyone’s basic needs are met.

Workplace Health and Safety & Compensation: 

Workers, not employers, pay the heaviest price for workplace accidents and illnesses that often are the result of inadequate training, poor employer safety practices, hazardous equipment, infrequent workplace inspections and poorly enforced safety laws.

Health Care: 

Every New Brunswicker deserves a public health care system that guarantees medical coverage regardless of where they live or what stage if their life they are in or their ability to pay.

Fair Taxation: 

A progressive tax system and strong governmental fiscal capacity are needed to secure a more equal and inclusive society. In a progressive tax system, the more money you earn, the higher percentage of tax you pay.

Minimum / Living Wage:

The last increase to minimum wage was on April 1, 2012, while basic needs like food, shelter, electricity, home heating, transportation are continuously increasing.

Pay Equity: 

We have yet to achieve pay equity for the 67% of women in the New Brunswick labour force who work in the private sector, the wage gap between women and men is 11.7%.

Child Care: 

In New Brunswick, only 23% of children aged 0 to 12 have access to a regulated child care space. The average daily cost to parents is $31.50 for infants, $27.02 for pre-school children, and $15.02 for school-aged children, putting an extra financial burden on New Brunswick families.

“As a labour movement, we cannot ignore politics because politics does not ignore us,” says Patrick Colford, President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour. “To that effect, the NBFL is asking their members to question all candidates during the election campaign on our issues and to exercise their right to vote on September 22.”


The New Brunswick Federation of Labour is New Brunswick’s central voice for labour and represents 40 000 members. For more information please contact:

Patrick Colford

President, New Brunswick Federation of Labour

(506) 857-2125 (work) / (506) 381-8969 (cell)


Click Here for English Voters Guide AND the following link for the French Voters Guide… NBFed-ElectionVotersGuideFrRE.pdf

Also, visit the NBFL website for FACT SHEETS on the following issues: