2013 Unifor Founding Convention



Left:  Sandy Brideau, VP.  Right:  Ronald Benoit, Region 4 Chair at "No to Verizon" rally



Dave Coles and Ken Lewenza at the microphone



 From Left to Right:  Sandy Brideau, VP; Ron Benoit, Region 4 Chair; Roch Leblanc, Sec Treas; Lynn Briggs, President; Adam Costain, Region 3 Chair; Stéphane Lamoureux, Region 4 Chair



 From Left to Right:  Sandy Brideau, Ron Benoit, Adam Costain, Lisa Martin, Roch Leblanc, Lynn Briggs & Stéphane Lamoureux



 "No to Verizon" Rally Left to Right:  Lynn Briggs, Adam Costain & Stéphane Lamoureux



Left to Right:  Rolande McGraw, Executive Secretary Atlantic Region & Lynn Briggs, President Unifor Local 506



Dave Coles, right and Ken Lewenza, Left at "No to Verizon" rally



Unifor Local 401 (PEI) President Bobby MacDonald at "No to Verizon" rally


unifor man resize

Unifor Man (Ron Benoit) attempting to leap a tall building

CEP Womens Conference 4 crop

CEP Local 506 Women's Committee at CEP Women's Conference:  Back Left to Right Angela Davis, Karine Gagnon and Front Left to Right Lisa Martin, Anne Leger


CEP Womens Conference 1

CEP Women's Conference - Local 506 Chair Anne Leger (1st from right) and Region 1 Delegate Angela Davis (4th from left)


 CEP Womens Conference 3 resized

Actress Mary Walsh, aka Princess Warrior Marg Delahunty, posing with Region 1 Chair Lisa Martin


 CEP Womens Conference 2

Local 506 Women's Committee Chair Anne Leger and This Hour Has 22 Minutes actress Mary Walsh as her Princess Warrior persona


CEP Womens Conference 5

Region 1 Local 506 Women's Committee member Angela Davis with Mary Walsh



CEPACC 2013 Biennial Meeting 1 RESIZE

From Left to Right, Region 3 Chair Adam Costain, Region 2 Chair Stéphane Lamoureux and Region 1 Chair Lisa Martin at the 2013 CEPACC Biennial Meeting.

CEPACC 2013 Biennial Meeting 2 RESIZE

In Foreground Region 1 Steward Scott Whalen, Secretary-Treasurer Roch Leblanc and Vice President Sandy Brideau at 2013 CEPACC Biennial Meeting.


Ken Lewenza, CAW President, at CEP 2012 Convention



CEP 506 at 2012 Convention - From Left to Right:  Chuck Rouse, Angela Davis, Anne Leger, Lynn Briggs, Sandy Brideau, Denis Theriault & Mike Donovan (missing from photo Roch Leblanc & Lisa Martin)



Solidarity at Convention 2012



Delegates at CEP Convention 2012 (Chuck Rouse & Angela Davis at far right)

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