Executives & Stewards

Unifor Local 506 Executives:

Sandy Brideau – President
Lisa Martin – Vice President
Ronald Benoit – Secretary Treasurer
Tammy Pitt – Region 1 Chair
Donovan Richard – Region 2 Chair
Adam Costain – Region 3 Chair
Alain Ouellette – Region 4 Chair

If you require to speak to a Union Leader please follow the “Contact Us” link and contact our Union office.

All contact information regarding Unifor Local 506 Stewards and Leaders is available to Unifor Local 506 members only and can be found in the private section of our website by clicking on the “Members” link. (Please note:  Members section of the website is still under construction)  Please call union office at 506-634-8810 for Executive or Steward contact info.

Shop Stewards Region 1 – Saint John

Lisa Martin – Vice President Local 506
Tammy Pitt – Regional Chair
Carlos Vicente – Regional Chief Steward / Region 1
Doug Robichaud
Nathan Gregg
Kat Magarvey

Shop Stewards Region 1 – Charlotte County


Shop Stewards Region 2 – Moncton

Stéphane Lamoureux – Provincial Chief Steward
Donovan Richard – Regional Chair
Eric Murty Morais – Regional Chief Steward / Region 2
Chuck Rouse
Justin Bourque
Jim-Bob Chaloux
Tara Ruest
Pierre Levesque
Bob Fournier
Tim Murray
Marc Grandmaison

Shop Stewards Region 3 – Fredericton

Adam Costain- Regional Chair / Region 3
Patrick Bernard – Regional Chief Steward / Region 3
Jason Hunt
Stephen Maynard

Shop Stewards Region 3 – Woodstock

Don Painter

Shop Stewards Region 4 – Acadian Peninsula

Sandy Brideau – President Local 506
Ron Benoit – Secretary Treasurer Local 506
Alain Ouellette – Region 4 Chair

Shop Stewards Region 4 – Bathurst


Shop Stewards Region 4 – Miramichi

Michele Doiron-Campbell

Shop Stewards Region 4 – Edmundston/St-Léonard

Denis Theriault – Regional Chief Steward / Region 4
Terry Frenette