Unifor marks National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 2019
December 2, 2019

Unifor Local 506 President, Sandy Brideau, and Secretary Treasurer, Carlos Vicente, are inviting Local 506 members to participate in a conference call to vote on our 2020 Budget. This meeting will be held in multiple cities across New Brunswick on Wednesday, February 5th at 5:30 pm.

Meeting Details:

We will be having a single province-wide conference call, in multiple locations, commencing at 5:30 pm, with food and beverages provided, on Wednesday, February 5th.

Voting will remain secret; the vote counting and tallying shall be done in each meeting location by the lead and relayed privately.

The presentation of the Budget will start at 5:30 pm, will be presided by the Secretary Treasurer, and will last no longer than 30 minutes.

In Solidarity,

Your Unifor Local 506 Executive

Meeting Locations:

Region 1 Saint John – Union Office, 1655 Manawagonish Road

Region 2 Moncton – Tower Meeting, 2nd Floor, 22 Botsford Street

Region 3 Fredericton – Ramada Hotel, 480 Riverside Dr in the Majestic Room

Region 3 Woodstock – Woodstock CO, 10 Chapel Street

Region 4 Bathurst – Bathurst CO, 270 King Avenue

Region 4 Tracadie – Tracadie CO, 476 Riviere à la Truite

Region 4 Campbellton – Campbellton CO, 13 Andrew Street

Region 4 Edmundston – Edmundston CO, 32 St-Francois

Region 4 Miramichi – Miramichi CO, 524 King George Hwy 1

Region 4 Grand Falls – Grand Falls CO, 19 Despres Road