Bell Real Talk Bulletin from UACL
August 30, 2019
Update – Local 506 Election 2019
October 1, 2019

To Bell Locals Across Canada

Thanks for your interest in the Bell Real Talk campaign, for sharing your stories, and for spreading the word!

We’re making the case to the company, and to the public, that jobs at Bell Canada should be good, unionized jobs. Our industry is always moving forward, innovating and looking to the next stage of technology. There’s no excuse to innovate and leave workers behind.

I’m happy to invite you to participate in the next stage of this campaign.

All across the country, Bell is sending non-union contractors to do our work. They’re taking our hours, being exploited for low wages. But, I’ve heard that they’re doing a worse job, often making mistakes that Unifor technicians have to clean up afterward.

This doesn’t end at Canada’s borders. Unifor jobs are being shipped around the world by Bell Canada.

Help us map it out. Do you have a story about a careless contractor or offshore facility? Share it now.

Send in your stories, share photos or videos with us today.

Then ask your friends to do the same.

In solidarity,

Tyson Siddall

Unifor Telecommunications Director