Bell Real Talk Bulletin from UACL

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August 16, 2019
Bell Real Talk Update
September 27, 2019

For decades, Bell Canada has taken advantage of employees’ hard work and loyalty. Bargaining unit work has been snatched away through non-union outsourcing, contracting out, and job erosion across Bell units.

2600 Jobs lost in Atlantic Canada in the last 15 years!

While we have been shrinking, non-unionized jobs at Bell have been growing. In 2009 Bell had 50,600 employees; now they have 53,000 in 2019. These are union busting tactics that can no longer be tolerated.

What does it mean to me as a unionized worker & as a consumer?

Bell has increased contractors here in Canada and offshore. They have moved to other countries to exploit poor working conditions and grossly underpaid wages. As employees and consumers, we need to be concerned with the information these contractors have access to – your private information.

What can you do?

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Talk to your federal Candidates about what they will do to stop off-shoring of jobs and protect Canadian’s privacy and security.