Provincial Budget Meeting 2016

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October 8, 2014
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September 9, 2009

Dear members, Unifor Local 506 President Sandy Brideau, Vice President Lisa Martin and Secretary Treasurer Roch Leblanc are inviting you to a conference call to vote on our 2016 Budget and to give a chance to our membership to ask questions to its leaders.  This Meeting will be held in multiple cities across New Brunswick Thursday February 18 at 5:30pm.

In recent years we have been left perplexed by the lack of participation and the justification to continue holding our Budget Tour Meetings.  With this situation in mind we believe that we might better serve the intent of these meetings by customizing the Provincial Budget tour in the following fashion:

• We will be having a single province wide conference call, in multiple locations, commencing at 5:30pm, with food and beverages being provided at 5pm in each location.

• Voting will remain secret, the vote counting and tallying shall be done in each meeting location by the lead and relayed privately.

• The presentation of the Budget will start at 5:30pm, will be presided by the Secretary Treasurer and will last no longer than 30 minutes. 

• The second part of the meeting will be presided by our Local President.  We will be answering questions that will have been gathered prior to the event.  If you wish to ask a question at the meeting, please forward it to our Union Office by 5pm on Wednesday February 17 at  We will address the prepared questions and answers first and will permit time for questions from the participants after.

We are hopeful that this new model of meeting will be appreciated by all of you.

In Solidarity, Your Unifor Local 506 Executive

Budget 2016 Meeting Locations (Feb 18th @ 5 pm):

Region 1 Saint John – Holiday Inn Express, 400 Main Street & Chesley Dr

Region 2 Moncton – 555 Mapleton Rd, Sunny Brae Room

Region 3 Fredericton – Ramada Hotel, 480 Riverside Drive

Region 3 Woodstock – Woodstock CO, 10 Chapel Street

Region 4 Bathurst – Bathurst CO, 270 King Avenue

Region 4 Tracadie – Tracadie CO, 476 Riviere à la Truite

Region 4 Campbellton – Campbellton CO, 13 Andrew Street

Region 4 Edmundston – Edmundston CO, 32 St-Francois

Region 4 Grand Falls – Grand Falls CO, 19 Despres Road

Region 4 Miramichi – Miramichi CO, Mary Street/524 King George Hwy