New Brunswickers head to the polls Sept 22nd

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April 11, 2013
CEPACC – March 2009 Bulletin
March 1, 2009

Like all elections, this one is very important. The results will shape decisions affecting you, your family and communities in the coming years.

We are often asked why unions are involved in politics. Don’t we have enough to do just coping with collective bargaining and workplace problems?

But unions don’t exist in a vacuum.

Our strength and ability to represent our members is affected by the broader climate around us, including the impact governments have on our trade union rights, the rights of unions to exist and to participate in free and fair collective bargaining, the strength of health and safety laws, the quality of our health care, minimum wages, pay equity and women’s reproductive rights.

Governments shape economic policy which of course has a huge impact on the economic and social well-being of our members.

To read the full letter to members from Unifor’s Atlantic Regional Director Lana Payne, click here.

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